ever since first starting guitar 3 years ago i have used a strat copy but now i have a les paul custom and im finding it hard getting used to the different neck sizes, any tips?
dont ever play your old guitar again, it will just take u longer to get used to your les paul that way, dont play ur old one until ur used to the new one
No tips really. Just keep playing. After a while you'll get used to it.

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Really, all you can do is practice. I'd suggest some scales or chromatics to get used to the difference. Just do some of those before you start playing every time.
just play the bloody thing and you'll get used to it.

Alternatively try streching your hand, you can get these real neat things from guitar shops that actualy like stretch your hand out.


Sorry but its a bit of a silly question really,
It may sound obvious, and I don't really have much experience with the matter, but I would suggest playing the stuff you played frequently on your strat, on your new guitar, rather than learning newer things straight away. Try perfecting your favourite riff or something.