I've noticed a flurry of PC and Ipod threads these past few months and to add to the pile, I would like to ask you guys a question, if you could help me out. My sister has a laptop, however she can't get her wireless sorted out. The laptop is about 2 years old but it has the necessary works - wireless etc. Generally, it's up to scratch.
I, being usually good at the computer stuff have tried everything to get it sorted. I've set up a basic connection as usual to the main router (BTHomeHub, I am aware of its general shittiness). Sometimes, it allows me to connect and other times the laptop screams, **** off. While this may be a signal issue (I am pretty certain it is not) - the laptop believes it up to "Very Good connection".

Problems 2. The laptop is configured under Windows Firewall (again, I am aware of its general shittiness). When the laptop is connected and the internet is working, e-mail and sensitive websites (banks, paypal etc...) don't want to appear. Gmail appears "not displayed" on IE as with other websites such as hotmail. Firefox doesn't work at all. If I disable Windows Firewall, I still get the same problem. No, these websites are not configured, "restricted websites" by me or anyone else, neither are they restricted by custom Windows Settings.

Hopefully, someone can help me. Thank you all.
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for your first problem, its most likely a signal issue. two years ago, wireless was relatively new and not so crash hot. i got my wireless modem/router around 2 years ago, and it was great, but the wireless card i got with the comp was horrible, it could barely connect when the modem was on top of my computer case. my dads laptop which is about a year old has a way better wireless card, it can pick up the signals from a few houses around us.

these problems might be linked, have you tried connecting to the hub via ethernet or usb and seeing what happens? check if it still stuffs up. if it does, that means its not a connection issue, its the laptop. you might have some add ons missing for your browser, although i doubt youd need anything extra to view gmail. just try to isolate the problem by connecting your laptop to the hub with wires and see if it happens again. your problem might also be with the router restricting access if its been configured that way.

if it still screws up, check every setting in your routers admin section for any bandwidth or content restrictions. my dad tried to do that to me once, but im more tech than him so i turned it off when he wasnt looking:p.