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Alright so i have a fender strat pack and a fender precision bass pack
both came with a guitar and an amp. i also have a line 6 podxt live pedal.
the problem is that i dont get enough bass out of my guitar amp when playing electric guitar so i was wondering if it is okay to play through my pedal out to both the guitar amp and bass amp with a sufficeent volume to sound good. i dont want to damage the bass amp. i was also wondering if the bass is okay to play through the guitar amp? i was thinking that when i play my guitar out both i would have the guitar amp handling the high end freq. and the bass amp handling the low. they would equally share the mids. Will this damage anything
not exactly. you could blow the speaker on the guitar amp when using a bass.

someone else can explain all the frequency stuff
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yeah i let the bassist in one of my old bands use my amp and after then it did not work properly. it is like all staticy and not picking up my guitar at all. so if you want to take the chance go ahead.
i think its a bad idea tbh, if its not loud enough to hear over drums or to gig with i suggest you invest or just live with it. Its better to have both in working order than one or both being broken.
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i think... i THINK guitar in a bass amp is fine, but vice versa is a big nono
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you can play a guitar thru a bass amp but its not a good idea to play a bass thru a guitar amp.
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