I know when you get a new guitar, you usually keep the old one just for variation in tone and feel. But what do you guys do when you get a new amp? Do you sell the old one, or keep it for the slight difference in sound ? Do you ever use your old ones once you get a new one?
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My first amp I had for a few years and when I got the new one I couldnt just throw it out it had put up with all my grinding crapness of my early playing years I was indebted to it. It is now under my bed and my mate uses it when he comes up!


keep it if it is still useable. I switch which amps im using all the time to get diffrent sounds.
Get a two-jack-socket-to-one-jack-plug adapter, plug the headphone output or speaker output into one of the sockets, your guitar into the other, play a note, run and observe
No seriously, I keep mine, useful for leaving at someones house or summat. I have my "proper" amp at uni, and my old practise amp at home.
i gave my old amp to my brother. he didnt have an amp after he sold his starter pack so he is using my old one now.
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Im thinking of selling my old amps (Fender frontman 15 watt and line 6 spider 2 75 watt) to upgrade to a tube amp is it worth it??
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i sell mine to put towards new guitars, pickups, pedals, and stuff that wont be replaced.
sometimes i regret buying certain amps and guitars.
im only buying ONE more amp in my lifetime.
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Get a two-jack-socket-to-one-jack-plug adapter, plug the headphone output or speaker output into one of the sockets, your guitar into the other, play a note, run and observe

doesnt that make the amp feedback UN CONTROLLABLY at a massively high pitch?
i think ive dont it, it sounded cool. like a tom morello solo. especially with wah.
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I gave one amp to a friend. Another amp was stolen and pawned by another friend. The rest I still have. 2 Crates, A Behringer, and an EVJ.

A spare amp is a nice thing to have, if your main amp has problems.
I've got my rig at the house which is too loud to play (Neighbors bich), so I use my itty bitty Peavey backstage plus which is like 15 years old. I got a Hughes & Kettner 212 at the practice pad (amp is blowed up so I take my head and use it as a 212 cabinet). Point is keeping amps around (blowed up or not) is not a bad idea, unless you can get enough bread out selling one to purchase a better one.
well most people old amps r smaller...i use my small amp when going on holidays etc
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used mine as a bass amp.. .kind of ****ed it up, but who cares, ill sell it to some noob for 10 bux less than the price when i first bought it, also i use it as a head for my spider rofl, it sounds pretty nice though..
If it works I keep it, if it doesn't I'll scrap the body and keep the speaker's. Never know when you'll need a spair or two.
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I've only had one other amp (15 watt fender from a starter pack) and I gave that to this kid for his birthday since he was starting guitar. When I get my new amp (most likely a dual rec), I'm probably going to sell my crate and use the money to buy a nice little tube practice amp to take to peoples houses like a blues junior.

i turned my old MG combo. into a head and Cab seen above.^

ive given away a couple of old amps, and leave another upstairs for late night practice.

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I've got a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe that I don't quite know what to do with when my Mesa comes. I might turn the HRD into a head or something, but I don't know....I'm running out of room to store all of my stuff!
i might sell it if there was some reasonable cash to be had...but otherwise, leave it in rthe corner to rot...
I've got a tiny little 10W no brand combo amp that used to be used for keyboard practice till we blew it up. It lives on the front veranda now, and it's more useful as a doorstop than it ever was as an amp. Just the right size and weight to stop the door banging on a windy day.
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i still have my little solid state combo that ive been using since i had a finnancial crises a couple years ago and had to sell most of my good stuff, it sounds really good for an SS and besides i cant reallypracticein my bedroom with a 120 watt tube stack, well i can and have, but reallyfor practice my combo just works better.
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