I was carrying my Schecter C-1 Classic downstairs in its' hardshell case, when it bumped against the wall. I took it out, and heard a rattling noise. I opened the cavity where the tone and volume pots are, and found this rolling around.

That thing is pretty small, it's a little larger than a screw. Anyway, normally, this wouldn't bother me, but since this happened, the guitar won't seem to stay in tune, and there's a bit of fret buzz on the 3rd string that wasn't there before. I'm sure that little bolt/screw thing has nothing to do with any of that, but I just want to know what that thing is.
if your guitar is sounding different due to it missing then it is probably something quite important. Have you had a look around inside? is there a screw hole empty as it looks as if it screws into someting