In the video's below, I've noticed that Dimebag plays a guitar that looks like a Dean ML but has a reverse six-on-a-side headstock. At first i thought it could be an ESP because of the headstock shape, and then I rememberd that alot of early Washburns had headstocks like the current ESP's (like Wayne Cambell's guitar off Waynes world) and rememberd Dime's connection with Wasburn.

So could it be a early signature Dime Washburn or a prototype? Or could it be an ESP? Or could it be a Dean with a after marked ESP neck? Or could be a custom buit guitar built by a prive luthier for Dimebag? Or least likely a Charvel or a Jackson (Mainly because of the fret inlays)

Primal Concrete Sledge (live)

Psycho Holiday
actually, Dime played Washburns for the majority of his career, and Phils hair is short which means it's post CFH, so yeah, it's a washburn.
i heard he played some jackson in the early days.
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i seen a video of them live once and i guess they played in a lower tuned song,and dime pulled out a gibson explorer with a floyd,and wat looked like emgs or some kinda of covered pickups
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Yeah Kramer makes a model like that.

not during the 80s

that looks more like a Jackson Kellly before Gibson sued
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Its a Kramer apparently.

thats what http://www.pantera-jp.com/ says and its usually correct...

It would be the maker that I forgot to post =P lol

thanks alot though

EDIT: And those video's featured 2 differant guitars I think haha. I thought he just changed the paint job bfore I saw the website.
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That first video was from Monsters of Rock in Moscow. It dates from 91 or 92 or so.

And it does look like a Kramer, although I can't say 100% for sure.
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i know he had a couple of these weird washburns

but yeah, the one from that primal concrete sledge video is a washburn
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