So a guy
At school offered me
a 60 and and a 30gb iPod
for my 80 gb.

Good Deal?

Should I go for it?

How much do all three cost?

wouldn't I be Making money through that deal?
i don't know why you would want 2 ipods...

you might be making money, but then you just have to worry about 2 of them
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Don't do it.
Who knows what condition those are in.
Just keep yours.
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They have 80gb ipods?

Go for it, unless you have over 60gb of music that you want on the same device.
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Don't do it.
Who knows what condition those are in.
Just keep yours.

I think they are good condition though,
He goes to my school so I could see them
and everything.
wat generations are they and are they photo, video ipods?
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^They have to be the newest generation because of the sizes... if not, they're the previous generation, which is never a problem.

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They have 80gb ipods?

Hell yes, I'm using mine right now!
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Just keep yours. Your 2 ipods would have to have the same stuff on them anyway because you can only have 1 itunes, so then you would just be limited to 60 gigs. It's not worth the trade for an extra total 10 gigs with all the extra hassle.
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I thought that the new generation were 80 and 30, therefore you would be getting at least one and probably two for your new one. Bad Idea.
YOU HAVE 80 GB OF STUFF YOU NEED? If not then why do that... yeah gain more space and all but it wont pay off at all... unless you listen to a shitload of music and all that... so yeah.. KEEP YOUR OWN!
LOL. Personally, I would rather like my music on one single Ipod than split on 2 different Ipods (I am a proud owner of an 80GB Ipod Video). You may try and sell it on ebay or something, but no one will pay more than £80 for it, especially if it's second hand (although it's really third hand). And also, arguably it looks better - better technology as it would seem meaning a better hard drive and Ipod altogether, rather than an economy 30GB video and a second rate 60. It's better to have a bigger hard drive to fill up rather than a small hard drive. You can never tell how much music you're going to have eventually.

I'm sure i'm not the only one: I hate all things second hand. I'm one of those people who just has to buy things as an original owner. I don't buy second hand at all.
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who cares? just say you lost your 80gb and your parents will buy you another one anyway.


You must be such a spoiled bitch. If you lose your ipod your parents will just buy you another one? wow... That's a great lesson. If I lost my ipod and asked my mom for a new one, she'd laugh. then tell me to go around washing cars until I made 250$.
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