I need a guitar that can handle blues, classic rock, and some not too heavy metal. Budget is $400, 500 max. I was thinking about the schecter gryphon, epi g-400, epi les paul plain top, and epi explorer. What do you guys think i should go with?
ibanez rg pretty much anything, maybe if you can find one without emgs, just cuz they dont have that perfect bluesy sound, they definetely get classic rock and metal right on...
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I didn't include the rg because i didn't really like the look of it. The s- look much better imo but i havn't been able to find any in my price range that are decent.
The epiphone g400 would work, and with the lowered price of the g400 you could probably get new pups too. =)
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it my not look metal but sure as hell can play it
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i like the epiphones.
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After thinking about it a little i think it's down to the epi g400, schecter gryphon, or schecter c-1. which should i get?

I ruled out the lp because it was too heavy, strats are a bit too normal, and i just liked the schecter and sg shapes over the explorer.
How is zZounds to order from? I havn't seen anyone with a better price on the c-1. Most places don't even have it.
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Schecter C-1, better pickups and versatility.

SCHECTER FTW!!! im planning on getting one in the near future!
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Well the Epi LP Gold top is surprisingly cheap (at least here, and this is Canadian currency too). It was just under 400 bucks when I bought my Epi LP custom.
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