nothing better than hearing her speak
the words from her heart
i long to keep
her deepest thoughts
i love to spare
and never will i cause her
any despair
shes the one and only
my only love
the angel of my heart
from up above
she conquered my soul
and controls my thoughts
for she is my girl
and i love her lots
my first pick to be with
my best friend
she promises to me each night
this relationship will never end
and i believe her
with all my heart
that this is just the beginning
of a beautiful start

i run my fingers through her hair
even though she complains
she says its stupid
but i know she feels the same
as i do
and theres no one to blame
all this time we spend together
just heart to heart
its just the beginning
of a beautiful start

chorus thing:
sitting here alone
in this dark gloomy home
nothing to do
just thinking about you
thinking of your soft tender lips
when they touch me and i feel your hips
i can't stand being away from you
you have all my heart
this is just the beginning of a beautiful start

EDIT:written by:HALEIGH FOLGER,since now she wants me to tell everyone:IM NOT TAKING CREDIT FOR THIS WORK,I POSTED IT TO SEE WHAT EVERYONE THOUGHT.now that thats settled...
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Well done.

"I love her lots" seems out of place. The rest of it is great, though.
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