well guitar wise at least?

i quite like the simplicity of walk

and if were also talking about just songs for songs sake// pussy tight of the long lost power metal album is amazing =D

so whats your fave pantera guitar tracks?
Even though this is the wrong forum, Cemetary Gates and Cowboys From Hell are the best. You could also throw Walk and ****ing Hostile in there.
domination for simplicity
for riffs the art of shredding
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Cowboys From The Wrong Forum
Floods Of Newbies Posting In The Wrong Forums
Cemetary Wrong Forum
Walk To The Right Forum
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Domination, ****ing Hostile, and 5 MINUTES ALONE.....awesome song.
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Walk gets hella annoying.

Mouth for War
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Definitely wrong forum.

10's is the best Pantera song.
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metal forum.
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