Okies. I have a Problem with the Guitar I Recently Purchased. When ever I move the guitar too roughly or Pick Wildly The pickups stop picking up the String Signal and Make a Extremly loud Humming noise. I found a Temporary Way to stop the Pick up from humming by 'tapping' on the Pickup. the pickup is a Mighty Might Dual Coil humbucker. I noticed the Pickup was quite loose and Tried to tighten the Pickup but found Little to no Success. Any Tips or ways to Resolve the problem?
You might have a short in your Cord. Try differnt cords with your setup to see if it is your pickup or the cords, my bet would be that there is something wrong with your cord.
By cord you mean jack? Ive tried it with many different cords and Amps and Etc tried the strings. No luck.