ok im giving guitar lessons to beginners, im 17 so im not an expert,

when the student is plucking a string there is horrible vibratio, is this cuz they are not pressing hard enogh on string and too far away from the fret...or am i missing someithng else???
i assume you mean vibration, it might be something wrong with the fret, perhaps the fret wire is too high or the string is too low.
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could be his guitar
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yup sorry ment vibration!

well they are bothe brand new guitars and both seem in good shape.... ill hav a look at them nxt day, thanx for the advice¬
Dude, if you can't fault find this issue, you shouldn't be teaching. Geeze, just inspect the string closely, it won't require a degree in rocket science to find the fault.

If it's buzzing, its hitting the fret wire more than likely, which means the action is too low, or he's plucking the string outwards, and letting it snap back.
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