Hi all...How are we?...Okay?...good...

I've been looking at getting some new effects, particularly some analogue ones because all of the digital ones that I've heard (an owned) haven't quite been right to me.

I was surfing through thomann.de (as you do) and found the electro harmonix nano range and thought "hmmm...they look interesting". I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these pedals...I play mainly classic rock, Clapton, Hendrix, The Beatles and Dire Straits etc. Ones I was particularly intrested in were:

Muff Overdrive
Not 100% sure what effect just sounded interesting

I also saw this artec analogue delay and also wondered if anyone had heard/has one


Cheers in advance for any help

PS my local music shop, while good for guitars and amps only really sells Boss and Behringer pedals, so isn't musch use for analogue effects :rolleye

EDIT: Oh ye and again it's electro harmonix but same questions as above for "The Worm" http://www.thomann.de/gb/electro_harmonix_worm.htm
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i have the Nano Small Stone and i love it to death. havent used the muff OD or any Bassballs pedal though.
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The Nanos are nice, the only difference between them is that you don't have enough control over them as you do with the bigger pedals.
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the small stone and bassballs have the exact same controls on both pedals.
make Industrial and/or experimental electronic music? Join my group!