It is an excellent guitar, i recently bought one and is well worth the money. It has a solid top.
that epiphone does NOT have a solid top. i understand that $429 is slightly above your price range, but i'm going to have to agree with ranger01 anyway. that alvarez model is the best jumbo acoustic under $500 that i know of... consequently it's the only one that i know of from any brand that does indeed have a solid top for under $500. if you can save up $400, i'm sure you can scrape together another $30!
I dont have $400, thats the problem. I have $300 and can borrow the other $50 from my mom. Im getting $300 from returning a Washburn to MF. And whats the benefit of a solid top? The construction or the sound?
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The sound gets better the more u play it. I personally think the Epiphone looks nicer, but probably doesn't sound and play better than the Alvarez, but make sure to try both of them out.
Well for 339.99 USD you could get a peavey with a solid cedar top. it sounds really nice for a cheap guitar. i have one and like it. the action could be lower but its not bad at all.
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but make sure to try both of them out.

No dice, the guitar shops near my house dont have epiphoine and a very limited amount of anything else. I ended up just getting the Yamaha FG730s anyway.
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two brands you should check out, you may like them
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