Alright, so at long last, I've decided to get my Custom Carvin done, but I need some help in choosing options...dont worry about the amp, a Master Tube or SX Series amps from them...I have most of the options cleared, but I need some help on choosing the tone woods, I was thinking of going with a maple neck with a birdseye maple fretboard and a mahogany body, but I was thinking also of the weight issue, I was thinking about Alder but I was worried that it might be too bright with the maple top on it, and I've never tried a walnut guitar so I dunno about it's tonal qualities, I play metal and hard rock, so I need a dark sounding wood that's relatively light...so should I go with:

Mahogany Body w/ Maple Neck

Mahogany Body w/ Mahogany Neck

Alder Body w/ Maple Neck


This is basically what it's gonna look like when i get it...hopefully.
The neck doesn't make THAT much of a difference in tone, but for the darkest tone the mahogany neck would be best. I think you should just go with what feels best for you though.
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Don't be a wuss. Mahogany and Maple is my choice. It won't be THAT heavy. But just cos I like it doesn't mean you can't pick something else.

Neck woods don't make such a difference. I mean, you don't feel what wood you're playing. It's more about the neck JOINT than about the wood used.
Oh ok, well I was just worried since the guitar is going to be neckthrough and I thought it would weigh like a Les Paul or more...since I'm gonna be moving around a lot on stage.
I would go mahogany and maple with ebony fretboard, jumbo stainless steel frets.
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