does anyone know how to get that 80's hard rock tone, a la twisted sister and van halen? i've been tinkering with my amp settings but i cant seem to get it...any suggestions?
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firstly uneed the amp for it. even on viontage mode i cant get it with my dual rec. but u need alot of mids, and i say maybe treble and bassa t around 11oclcok?
maybe, look in the ultimate settings thread.
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i have that really cheap 15 watt fender frontman amp...except it DOESNT have reverb...but i do have a boss MD-2 pedal and a phase 90...guitar is an ibanez jet king 2

i'll go look in teh ultimate settings thread...
oh, how lovely that there is nothing special going here.
Marshall JCM 800.... Peavy 5150.... FLANGER!!! PHASER!!! You need a uh... fog machine... Hamer guitar, Kramer, Charvel, Takamine, etc.... hows that
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well the van halen tone aka the brown sound is not an easy tone to replicate infact i dont think anyone has, but as far as a good 80s tone, id but your gain about 3/4s up, lots of mids, no more than halfway on your bass, halfway maybe more on your treble, thats where id start and work around to find your tone
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Didn't Eddie used to use JCM800's as well as the 5150's that were (i think) made for him?
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EVH started off with a Marshall 100w superlead with everything dimed.

For the best 80's tone listen to Warren DiMartini and his Marshall superlead. George Lynch tried to steal his amp a couple times because it sounded so good.

Needless to say, several things you'll want to go with whichever amp you use...

1. Flanger/phaser
2. Delay
3. Compressor
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you need a medium gain amp (ala JCM 800) an Overdrive pedal in front of that mids around 11, treble around 130 bass around 5 gain 7-10 presence 6 reverb around 4
that should do it

oh and use your bridge humbucker only