I played this game with my friends on the way home and it was pretty fun. Probably more fun in real life but why not give it a try here?

Ok the game is called Ten Points. You start out with ten points. You ask a question that starts with "I have never" and if anyone has done that thing then you get a point. If you've never done it then take away a point. After you answer whether you've done it or not you ask another question and the person below you answers and so on.

person 1: I have never played WoW (10)
person 2:Yes I have played WoW. -insert question here- (11)

So lemme start.

I have never had buttsecks (10)

1. questions must be phrased as "I have never"
2. You get a point if you have done it (no matter how gross it is)
3. You lose a point if you haven't (even if it's gay sex and you're straight)
4.No double negatives as in "I have never not...."
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Never had Buttseck(9)
Ever lit a fart?
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Never had Buttseck(9)
Ever lit a fart?

have lit a fart (11)
ever sucked a penis
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Took a pic of your penis?

have taken my penis picture (12)

ever taken heroin