Recently ive been doing a lot of scales and stuff. I hold the pick with the bone's of the thumb and index finger. The problem im having is my palm is rubbing the top strings when I move down. Is this supposed to happen? Its annoying. I think my tech is messed up.

Any suggestions? Changing the way I hold the pick gives me better access everywhere, but it seems tougher to hold it this way and not as comfortable.
try resting your wrist on the bridge... thats the only thing i can think of cause i just went through 4 scales doin it how u described and i didnt mute a thing... the only other option that i can tell u is pick the way that u can reach easier
Does your palm touch the above strings when you go down to play the high E? Thats one of the things thats annoying me. The volume nob gets in the way if I try to keep my hand on the bridge.