Hey long time no see haha, first time back on ug in quite a while

anyways, this is just a test of sorts I did with a new mic I recieved for christmas I like the way its sounding so far, much better tone than usual for my recordings haha. Anyways, some slip ups and sloppy playing but overall I'm satisfied with it.

anyways, any advice/criticism is appreciated, and I'd be happy to reply back to any recordings you might have =)

heres the link - http://media.putfile.com/rendition-of-canon-rock
Sounds good what mic you using. Its nice and clear.

Try adding a little bit of reverb or delay.

I like the improvised bits they seem to work alright. Decent cover great playing.

EDIT: I love the bit at 4:10 sounds great.
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hey, I just listened to your cover, I like your tone , it would be better if you turn your guitar up a bit because when the drums kick in it sort of overpowers your guitar
I like your playing too, although as you said in some parts it's sloppy, I like how you arranged the sweep picking part..
whats your gear?

I would be thankful if you crit my version of the overcovered song creep by radiohead
i listened to about two minutes of it and it sounds really good to me, you definatly play it better than i do. What kind of amp do you have?
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Thank you =)

inyourhonor - I'm using an apex 950, I like the way it sounds, pretty big difference from the computer mic I was stuck using before haha.

D_y_p26 - I'll keep that in mind, I've always been pretty bad at properly mixing songs =/ and I'm using a jackson rr5 through my "yorkville 50k" practice amp and a digitech death metal pedal, because my "actual" amp is at my drummers house haha. I actually don't like the way it sounds in person, for whatever reason it sounds much better on the recording. And I'll be happy to =)

JStone233 - see above :P

btw, just to make it clear, the backing track isn't made by me, its by a taiwanese guitarist named jerry chang, probably pretty obvious but just making sure
cool stuff! Good effort!
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i love everything! i like your tone. but i notice.. your not using a delay. it makes your tone a little dead. i like your arpeggio before the chorus. work on your vibrato specially at the improvisation at the last part. some sloppy parts though but other than that, its a good cover..

EDIT: oh there you. i only noticed the delay at the last part..



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Wow - that was top good sir - very well done

I loved the tone and the feeling you put into it is something of a rarity in most covers I've heard.

how long have you been working on this piece?

Would you crit mine please?

and little by little in my sig please.

Thanks =)

mothership - I'll keep that in mind, next time I'll add a bit more reverb/delay to make it sound a little fuller. And my vibrato has always been a bit lacking but I'm working on it =). and I'd be happy to.

hemantmaan - I learned it a couple of weeks ago (if you can call it "learning" haha, a lot of it I just improvised and a lot of the other parts I just figured out myself, didn't even know there was a guitar tab on it until recently ). Thanks for the crit, be happy to return the favor =)
It's good, better than I could probably do.

One thing that bothers me is that you stop before you play the next note. Almost like a pause. Doesn't make it run together as smoothly as it could. Still needs a little bit of practice.

Tone is superb though, but you need to turn up your guitar for sure.

Pretty good though, and might I ask, where have you been?
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Sandinista - Thanks, I'd be happy to

ibaRGnez321 - hmm yeah I guess you're right, never really noticed that before, it'd be pretty easy to fix that. And I dunno, I've been pretty busy lately, what with school and a new band that I got inducted into a little while ago and trying to practice regularily for a couple hours every day.