Ok i have been looking everywhere for a tab that has the parts broken up into kirk and james's parts. Because i can't fingerpick, and james plays his part picked. I saw one on the site already but it was wayyyyy too confusing. Can anybody find one split up for me?
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learn how to fingerpick. i used to be the same way, but i got tired of dodging songs i love because i couldnt fingerpick. so i sat down and forced myself to learn how. start growing your nails and learn it, once you get one song down, youll open up a whole new library of songs! good luck man. (ps. this was one of the songs that made me want to learn)
umm, i think theres a finger picking tutorial in UG lesson section. and for nothing else matters, I'd suggest going slow with finger picking first, listen to the song and notice the acsents(did i spell this right), they are the keys to the whole song (the rhythem part at least).