Well my strings constantly constantly go out of tune, and they are pretty much at their prime (not to new, not too old) so I assume the reason is because they are too light a gauge. I think they are 9's but I lost the package. I've been playing acoustic for like a year or so and I just got an electric for christmas but I'm pretty comfortable with it. Should I get a 10 or 11 or other gauge and if so, what brand do you suggest?
It's either your tuners or your intination. It's your guitar in other words.
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It's either your tuners or your intination. It's your guitar in other words.

^^^^ Hes right. Your strings are most likely not the cause of it. The bridge may be your troublespot. Also as we all know whammy bars and tremolos make your strings come out of tune unless you have the right equipment to prevent it. Im not a guitar guru on how to fix it or even locate your problem but yea
Currently using Schecter C1 Classic
Digitech RP80 Pedal
No Decent Amp Currently

Any suggestions on some pedals or amp to get would be great.
if you decide on changing your string gauge you will have to change your intonation anyways
It's a Fender Mexican Strat and I stopped using the whammy bar because it sent my strings soaring out of tune whenever i touched it. So I don't really know what the bridge is. So should I check out my bridge?
Try adding more springs to your bridge if youre not going to use it. Thats what I did with my 40th Anniversary US made Strat and the strings dont go out of tune hardly ever. Plus it made my tone a bit more solid, like a hardtail Strat kinda. Other then that...try locking tuners. I sell nice ones at work for only like $65.