Metallica has just recently announce that their new album is coming out by lat 2007. This album is of high excpectaion of their fans. Many huge Metallica fans that used to like them before St. Anger came out are now becoming interested. St. Anger some people considered it to be a great album, but, most of the fans from before St. Anger had high anticipation only to be crushed by a bad album, in their mind. The new album already consists of over 15 songs that will be cut down to be put onto a CD.
For all Metallica fans out there my advice is don't get your hopes up. I feel this is going to be their downfall. Metallica, once a great band, is now ridding for a downfall. The album has potential to be a good album, don't get me wrong here, but my advice is don't be too confident that it is going to be the greatest.
There are some leaks of some songs on the album on the internet, and so far I am not too impressed. I love Metallica and all except these past two albums could have been a lot better if they would have followed their old style of making music. Now, since I am not a huge heavy metal person, they don't appease me anymore because of their recent idea's of rage kind of music.