gonna sell the multieffects pedal soon, in it's place i'm gonna get some singal effects. i already have a crybaby wah, so no other wah will be needed.i know i need distortion, something basic will do. also gonna need a chorus, delay/echo, muff and/or fuzz, and maybe some other things like flanger or something along those lines. anyway, i don't have too much as of now, about $140 , i'll be getting 30 soon cause i'm owed money, plus i'm gonna sell my multi effects, that should hopefully bring in $50-$75, so my questions are which ones should i get, i want something to give me , like a funky sorta blusey kinda sound, think pink floyd. try to stay in the budget, the reason i need your help is because i devoted pretty much all of my reasearch to multi effects pedals when i first bought my rp100a, so thanks

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get a boss ds-1 distortion, a boss dd3 delay, boss chorus, maybe a clone of a electro harmonix big muff pi, there are lots on ebay, and the rest buy it used xD.
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yeah what amp? or what guitar are you using?

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