Hey, for all brand new fans-
The release of Brand New's album The Devils Are Raging Inside of Me showed all of their fans how awsome a band they are.
I just recently attended their concert in Madison Square Garden were Jesse Lacey got the chance to play with the band Dashboard Confessonal. I had gotten there ten minutes before the opening of Brand New and the Garden was packed. There were people everywere who had come to see Brand New play, in the opening of their new album.
Brand New had started with a variety of songs. One of my favorites from the new album is Luca. That is a great song. If you were to take music from their older albums you can see there approach and their music is almost different. It is as if a new band has emerged from underneath the depths. Luca is a great song along with Welcome to Bangkok (an instrumental).
So as most of you can see if you listen Brand New is taking a new approach to music and is getting a greater fan base.
So people of the UG Community leave me some dirt on what you think of Brand New and whether you agree with their new approach, and which one is better.
Jesse Lacey
P.S. If you guys are from Long Island you might even get to met Jesse if you go to Guitar Center by roosevelt field. That is his guitar shop. I met him there and he is a nice guy. Jesse is a kick as guitarist and if you see him treat him with respect.

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