fingerprints so improbable, each line taking time
miniscule looking behind but then infentessimal
nine months in total

making her feel loved from being full up

this stomach is comforting, if i stay a while would you please take these shakes
from shoulders that are fitted
to a torso that is twisted
accomodating guts which process nutrition
and porcelein bones not half as precious
moreso because you made them, moreso because you gave them

in the warm summer rain
making snowmen from presnowflakes,
miracles with garbage bags one hole for a head and you're done
don't give cause you don't got it and don't care won't
a minute of each day devoted to finding new ways to make your parents shout at you

and you have no children
your tv is a constant wanted ad
the shoes by the door number one left right
and you just happened to be your own best friend
cause no one understands you as well as you can
clothes all awrinkled
and everything's soft and sweet
like week old cigarettes in a toilet tank
everything's bursting at the seams

I... died
and woke comatose
in the belly of a god i'd known all along
just an egg and a sperm and some love and a trust common blood, ten toes, two thumbs

the walls were pink

the company heat

and everything soft and sweet


title in rough spanish: "my mother your mother" (awful i know)

culled from disparate sources into something more then the sum of its parts
So turn off the lights cause it's night on the Sun....

if anything i say comes acrosss as pretentious, tell me what an asshole i am.