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What was the most entertaining concert you've ever been to? not so much musically entertaining but visually entertaining. I saw the flaming lips for the first time at lollapalooza, craziest coolest concert ever.
...and you will know us by the trail of dead, and all the warped tours ive been too tie.
Trans-Siberian Orchestra

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The B52's in Carnegie Hall
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Gogol Bordello


For me it would have to be Tool in September. ISIS opened for them.
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Big D and the kids table

they came out on stage as ghosts. It was pretty much a stand up comedy act in between songs.
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I didn't get to go, but my friends went to two separate Mushroomhead concerts, mix that with a bunch of weed, and drunken oafs, and it apparently turned out insane.

For me personally, I still favor the local show I went to where a bystander got hit in the head with the headstock of a guitar when a player was throwing it around himself. The other guy started bleeding, went into shock, and had to go to the hospital. Well, he worked at Nirvana's Closet, he had it coming.
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Probably G3 but only when my favourite guitarist came in (John Petrucci)

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Buckethead...For the win.

What other musician hands out toys in their concert?
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Trans-Siberian Orchestra


100% Agreed. Their show is the shit!
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The Flaming Lips would have been more visually entertaining if I wasn't way in the ****ing back. Same thing with The Polyphonic Spree.
Daft Punk.
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Smoke on the water riff.
I've been trying to learn that for years. People die mid-gig when trying to play that. Power chords are so hard. not know how Billie Joe does it.

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tool aenima tour
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...and you will know us by the trail of dead, and all the warped tours ive been too tie.

You have a brilliant avatar. I saw Trail of Dead when they toured awhile back with the Blood Brothers. It was crazy good.
Poor advice.
Guns N' Roses 2006 in Stockholm. Pretty ****in intense.
One of the top 5 times of my life easy mother****in e.
Oh, man. How could I forget George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic? That show was awesome.
I haven't seen them live but Talking Heads were fucking amazing in their day.
Just watch Stop Making Sense for proof.
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Guns N' Roses 2006 in Stockholm. Pretty ****in intense.
One of the top 5 times of my life easy mother****in e.

Gn'R 06 in manchester for me, amazing.
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Jet at the manchester apollo, on my birthday xD
Not only were the crowd the most suited to my jumping around needs I've ever experienced, but I got dropped twice which I thought was damn funny = ]
Oooooh and they had a big disco ball at the end which was puuuuurdy.
That was a rare post..

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I don't know the answer, or have anything funny to say, but dude that is one sweet Bulbasaur avatar
mushroomhead at the chameleon club was the best shit ive ever seen. they had water drum that was the shit.
Queen at Wembley. Wish I was there.

I did see them live in 06, at the Shark Tank in San Jose
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Placebo, Pinkpop 2006... great atmosphere, great visuals, and some orgasmic screams by mister Molko
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story of the year.
not a big fan of the music,
but they were a blast to watch.
amazing stage presence.
ps i touched the guitarist.
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I saw ACDC the other day at Commonwealth in Edmonton, It was probably the best/coolest/most entertaining concert I've ever been to, because:
1 - Everyone in the croud new every word so you heard the whole stadium sing.
2 - It ended with cannons/pyrotechnics and fireworks during and after For those about to rock.
3 - The Answer was a really good opening band I remember seeing them on Conan O' Brien and I was looking forward to seeing them.
4 - It was raining and thundering which added to the cool factor... especially when Thunderstruck came on.
5 - ACDC's set list was good and featured songs that I wanted to hear...
6 - approximatly 60000 of the fans did the wave all the way around the stadium after The Answer started to pack up and ACDC was preparing to go on stage, it was awsome. During dark times in the stadium about half of those fans were wearing light up devil horns that flashed amongs the croud it was really cool looking.
7 - And the thing that made it my favorite concert ever happend seconds before the show started. Commonwealth is open top so everyone noticed 2 Canadain millitary helicopters fly over us all in a straight line then on boths sides of the stadium both flying sideways then stright over agian in a line, then 3 of the Snowbirds (basically the Canadain equivilent of the US's blue angels) flew over the stadium in a triangle formation about 500ft in the air. then they maintained the formation turned around and flew sideways following the shape of the stadium ( they flew above/around it for about 2 full rounds, which would put some high G's on them cause its basically like doing 2 small loops in a row sideways. Then they flew away and came back and right after they passed over the opening band (the Answer) strated there first song. It was amazing.

tl;dr - I've seen The Who, Van Halen, Aerosmith, Motley Crue, (soon to see The Cult) But ACDC takes the cake because the awsome croud, the stage show, and the air show.
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Buddy Guy.... no flashy lightshow or anything just him being ****ing awesome.

Either that or QOTSA
ive seen a lot of great shows, but seeing the stooges was amazing. Best show ever.
Close after though is The Entrance Band. They, in my opinion, have the best live sound around right now, its incredible. If you get the chance, anybody, go see them, their live sound is a lot different from th ealbums, though those are good too. And theyre still pretty unknown so its cheap to see em.
Eric Johnson and Oz Noy at the Saxon Pub here in Austin. No fancy light shows, just insanely good music. Both hung out with the crowd before and after the show. The only thing wrong with it was some 50 year old guy brought his dumb piece of **** 25 year old girlfriend to the show and she was making fun of how Oz talked and looked during the whole show. I wanted to punch the **** in the face.
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