Some of you may or may not know but I have to build a lute for a class project. It will be judged in a state competition. After searching for awhile now I really can’t find anything useful that’s free or less then 50 dollars and its to late for me to try and build something different. So I am really hoping someone who owns a lute could give me some measurements so that I can build a mock-up and get some kind of Idea of how I am going to build this thing. What is Need and stuff like the measurements of the frets, length/Width of Body, Depth of body, length/Width of neck and how many strips of wood are needed to make the back of the lute. I don’t know if anyone can help me but this is my last resort.
Yea i have been here But my Parents are on this whole Internet kick and theyt wont order online...Ill try to talk them into this because they have that printable order form

It says "There are a number of details that will not appear on the drawings, because they are developed from understood principles and relationships. Some of these missing details are: The outline of the cap, the juncture of the ribs and cap, the way the ribs flow together at the neck, the pattern of the rosette, details of the treble and bass bars, fine points of bridge construction, pegs, construction of forms, materials, thicknesses, and finishes."

Evan with these missing Details do you guys think i will be able to make a functional Lute?
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From what I gather the missing details are kind of assumed knowledge for building lutes.
The book may be worth buying. I know you wanted to keep it under $50 but IMO it would be well worth it and the expense isn't that great compared to what the cost of building a lute is.
I'm not a luthier, but I would like to ask

Does it have to be a bowl-back lute? those bastards seem awfully hard to make. You could just make a flat backed lute, taking inspiration from a classical guitar, only making the body pear shaped. The headstock would need some thinking, though. It's like a violin headstock in a way. It would be pretty hard to carve...

I saw some lute kits sold online somewhere, but I don't think your school would want you to do that.

The cheapest lute I can think of is one with the body made of a plastic bowl. It'll pwn all other lutes cos you can tell your friends it's even microwave safe.
[/bad joke]

Sorry if I sound like a n00b, but I would like to help...
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