This is a song i've been working on.. Its a work in progress. Tell me what you think

Black Never Shines

Now i see you once more
I can feel the tension come again
I know this has happened before
What makes this any different from back then
I've done everything you've wanted me to do
But you still dont seem to care
Are any of the words you told me true
Or are they more lies that i cannot bare

My heart falls out onto to this paper
For The Last Time
The ink forms words of hate
The Black Never Shines
I can't compensate
All the feelings i feel
It's just something that i cant take
Are these thoughts real

My life has been torn to pieces
Never again will i make this mistake
The pain increases
As my hands are wrapped around my neck
These troubled times
Have to end right now
Is this goodbye
I must tell you my final vow