I want to be able to plug directly into my amp to get it's beautiful clean tone, but also to be able to plug into my PODxt to get distortions. The bypass on the PODxt is not sufficient, as it still colors my tone in ways I don't want it to. The effects loop will not work because I want my distortions to first go to my POD and then into my amps clean channel.

If this description doesn't make sense, I have attached a diagram of the device that might explain it better. I just need to know if there's a device that can do this job, and what it is called.
guitar device.JPG
A/B switch maybe? But if i recall correctly, those are a bit expensive.

Nice diagram, BTW.
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how about just plug ur guitar into ur amp ?
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Look for a true bypass looper. Keeley sells one: http://www.robertkeeley.com/product.php?id=23

What you do is plug the input and output into the in and out of the looper, and then you can bypass it.

EDIT: just like your picture
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boss makes an effects loop in a pedal and that looks like what you want its like 80 bucks on musiciansfriend.com
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if you aren't getting clean crisp sound, it's probably just because you're using something to make ur guitar sound distorted... Not because you're losing quality.
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