I'm a bassist and my brother is a guitarist. I was wondering whether it would mess anything up (whether the bass, the POD, or the amp) if I played the bass through the electric guitar POD (XT Live). I couldn't imagine it messing anything. I just wanted to make sure. Thanks.
yeah, I've seen tha before, but I don't have money to get a whole nother one. that's why I was asking about my brothers.
You can use guitar model with a bass too. It won't be the ideal tone, but it works. I use the Fender Bassman model for bass. It was originally a bass amp that gained more favor with guitarists than bassists. It's modelled in the POD Xt and sounds good for a classic bass tone.

But you could just buy the bass model pack for it and you would have the ideal tones you need for bass.
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