ok here's the thing
i've been playing guitar for maybe 7 years or so, and for all that time the only thing i've had was a Fender 30$ pracice amp,so my knowedge of the subject is minimal to say the least. well last christmas i asked eveyone for money to buy a new one and amounted 250$. I was just about to leave when my neighbor came over and said he had an old one i could see. I thought i'd at least have a look, but i was suprised when i saw it was 4-5 times as big as my old one and had about 15 different settings. I was een more surprised when i looked in the back and found tubes.
heres what i gathered from what i knew enough to find out

120 watt Peavey tube amp Heritage VTX series series (maybe 2 by 2 1/2 feet big)
2 speakers
4 tubes
1981 model
nearly perfect condition (as far as i can find by testing everything)

I'd just like to know 3 things
1. what is the rough estimated value of this amp
2. With 250$ could i buy somthing better or should i stick with it
3. what effect do tubes have and what do you do to take care fo them

any info would be great, thanks!
dont know a rough value, but its probablybetterthan anything else youll find for that price, tubes sound warmer and need to be replaced every 1-2 years, ask your neighbor what tubes it takes, theres a decent chance hes had to replace them before.
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As far as i can tell this is a must buy for you...quite lucky actually. I'm pretty sure you won't be able to find another amp of that quality for that price, or even of that wattage for that matter. Only hassle might be changing the tubes.
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