ok i'm going to the local guitar shop later today for my birthday. my parents said i could have something, as long s its not too expensive. i think they mean something like $400 is pushing it. i currently have
a Korg AX10 effects unit (very nice i like it, but wah is crap)
a guitar that came in a $300 pack, brand is legend, its a copy of a telecaster
an amp that came in the pack, 10 watts and an overdrive button.

i quite like the sound i get from it at the moment, and i'm starting to look at home recording a little bit and i was looking at the Line6 Toneport. bottom line, should i go get the tonport, or try for a new amp?
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I'd say a new amp definetly, especially if you plan in ever being in a band.
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I would see if they would just give you cash, then wait and decide what you really want. I would try and get a good amp if I were you, but you might want to spend a little more on it.
new amp. then new guitar.
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And if you can order some new pickups for that Tele knock off, or at least consider new pups. Nothing expensive or active, just something that'll be an upgrade from what you have.
ok i'll go with a new amp then. i should be able to get a crate gt65 or a fender frontman (65watts)

thanks heaps for the help guys, much appreciated
lyrics - the gap between the solos