im on a pretty tight budget (under 700 US$) so i don't have the money to alter a guitar after i buy it.

i currently own a squier stratocaster, a roland cube 60, and a BOSS turbo distortion DS-2 pedal.

i want a guitar that has rich tones and can generate a lot of distortion but still has the great clean sound and the fuzzy distortion that a strat can put out. i was thinking about a guitar witha humbucker on the bridge and a single coil at the neck but as for the middle pickup and everyhting else im kind of lost.

if anyone has any advice as to which guitar i should buy or any ideas i would appreciate it.

also, if anyone has any good settings for my roland cube 60 and my BOSS DS-2 they think i should try let me know please
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and if you don't want another Strat you can look into Ibanez. The RG and S Series are great, and Ibanez is notorious for putting out guitars that do good on distortion channels. Now, I am not an Ibanez "fan boy" or anything like that, I do not swear to always buy Ibanez guitars but they seem to be great for how cheap some of them are. Otherwise like he said, just get a better Strat.