i just put up a thread asking how to do droped d tuning (i figured it out). i went to play the song and it sucked. i went to the comments and it said it should have been tuned down a 1/2 step. how do i do that? (as you can tell i dont ever go out of standard tuning)
First 1/2 step down is all the strings, dropped d is only the E string. First of all, if you have a tuner, just put your finger on the first fret of each string, and tune to that. Drop D you can just use the second fret.
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Okay, 1/2 a step down would be Eb standard.

E turns to Eb
A turns to Ab
D turns to Db
G turns to Gb
B turns to Bb
E turns to Eb

It's incredibly easy if you have an electronic tuner.

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