Thanks, I just always worry because they always say guitar and acoustic and they never say it works for bass.
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My neighbour bought his son a Mark Hoppus bass for Christmas, the set-up on it was terrible (the neck had so much bow they should have supplid arrows with it).

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the 57 is generally used for high volume micing. like horns and guitar amps. it'll certaily work for a bass but you really want to line a bass rig as you will loose most of your frequencies when micing. if you want the color of your cab then a mic 57 will do fine but i would only mic if i am also lining or have no choice.
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I have even used a 58 before. I think it works fine, but I wasn't really playing in a situation where the amp itself doesn't play loud enough to reach the audience. It was more for just giving a separate tone to what was being pumped out of the rig.
I would rather an SM58 for bass, simply because the 57 has a high presence lift, which is why it is used for things like snares If i was in a studio and someone said "pass me the snare mic" i would hand them a 57, as would most SE's.

Go for the 58, it's a good all round , cheap mic.

I'm looking for a mic for recording purposes because I've heard you get better quality with micing then going from the line out of the amp.
Bass is my life.
^ to be honest mate at bedroom-recording level it's not going to make much difference, and those mics are dirt cheap in the mic world. good mics cost a few grand, so you'll be fine just taking the line in. even in studios you'll find a lot of bass players go straight into the desk or into the compressor.