i want to get some advice. so recently i started a band consisting of a drummer, two guitarist (i am one of them) and a vocalist. we're lookin for bass player but that isnt the point right now. We so far have one performance comin up in two weeks and we might have another one soon (both at highschool). Here's the problem. Our lead vocalist has been annoying the band lately because of numerous of reasons.
1. lost all interest in trying to keep up in academics and have turn to drugs, pot and etc.
2. doesnt bother to show up to school where we usually plan when we're going to meet and such.
3. been making empty promises to us (ex. told me he was goin to quit smoking and really work on his vocals, the day before vaca, he smoked a cig every period and hasn't stop yet)
4. Has the shortest temper fuse ever (ex. we were trying out for school performance and i messed up infront of the judges and instead of playing it off, he stops the song right where it was and started cursing and yelling at me. he also looked like he was about to swing his fist at me too.)
and last
5. other guitarist and drummer isnt really liking the way he sings and he isnt fit for this band.

Because of all this, the band wants him out but we don't know how to tell him he's out (with short fuse and all). not only dat, the gig coming up is soon and we dun have much time. so we dun noe wut to do.

ALSO, on a lighter note, does anybody noe any good message songs that are quick to learn and most people will enjoy?

thanks in ahead

edit: I'm a nice guy so just kicking a person out isnt really my thing. Plus, we planned making this band and he got so stoked about it he bought 1000dollars plus worth of recording equipment.
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Kick him out. Trust me, it may seem brutal, but it's the right thing to do.

Edit: Just tell him (whenever he shows up) that he isn't fit for the band. And you guys want him out.
man this guy sounds like a real fuck. what sorta music you play?
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kick him out. he sounds like a dick. putting up with that shit isn't worth it.
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learn some green day. they are totally brutal.
we have "incubus - drive" down (more rockier version)
and jammed around with other songs like red hot chili peppers - she looks to me
the only problem is that we all have different taste in music.
i want to do U2 - bloody sunday though
first thing you must do is kick this dude out. He's not doing anything good for the band, and the more time he is "in the band" the less of a band it will be. After he is gone, you need to find a replacement quickly, alot easier said than done, but nothing is worse as a band than practicing songs without vocals for extender periods, except having a fag like the one you described as a singer.
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we were planning to do covers for now for the gigs but we really want to write our own songs. Our singer wants to do so too but he still hasnt produced any lyrics or some kind of tune for us to play.
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Also, i can easily take his place but im not as good of a singer as he is.

as crazy as it sounds, practice will makes a heap of difference in singing ability.
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yeah. ive been sort of practice just in case, but that means we have to change songs and learn 4 new songs by next next week.
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yeah. ive been sort of practice just in case, but that means we have to change songs and learn 4 new songs by next next week.

hmm that aint easy. it would be better than having the other singer though.
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Also, he's from britain, moved to states around middle school, so he still has a hint of an accent which really wut makes him a really good singer.
kick him out, you all tell him and since he is a phyco and might try take a swing at you and be aware to keep your distance from him (and if you get into a fight the rest of your band will back you up)
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well if you can deal with him, keep him, but in my experience you have to at least get along with the other band members for a band to work.
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just kick him out and take his place
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+1. This man knows his ****.

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That's funny, my band is in a similar situation. First thing, boot him out. Only question is do you still care for him as a person and a friend. If not, tell him flat out the reasons he's out. If you do still want him to be a friend be gentle when you tell him. Either way, with a gig coming up you need to figure something out. What we're doing for our upcoming gig is having our drummer sing and bringing in a friend to do the drumming until we get a permanent vocalist. So, if anyone else in the band can sing I'd recommend doing something similar. If not, you may want to hang on to him for this gig and boot him after. If you do that I would also recommend having a serious band meeting to discuss what issues you guys are having with him and try not to make it seem like it's *ALL* on him, because if he feels like he's under attack and has a short temper he may overreact. But, seeing as he's bombing school and becoming an unmotivated, pissed off pothead who can't be counted on I recommend giving him the boot. As far as him buying all the equipment, I hope he still has the receipt. But, that's not really your problem. As far as quick easy songs to learn that people like: I recommend just about anything by Rage Against The Machine, Green Day, and The Offspring. You might want to do something a little different too. I saw a band play a rock version of Kelly Clarkson's "Since You've Been Gone" and another band doing Brittney Spear's "Toxic." They were both really well done and if you guys can make the songs "your own" then thats even better. Because my personal opinion as far as cover bands are concerned is: if I wanted to hear the song dead on , I'd go listen to the CD. And one other thing, you *NEVER* quit playing. If you make a mistake just keep chugging away no matter what. Chances are people won't even notice.
Best of luck!
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He sounds just like every singer I ever worked with.

Points 1 to 3 are invalid. If he wants to smoke cigaretts and pot, it's really none of your business. He sings in a band with you, you're not his mother.

You should have stood up for yourself on point 4, until you do He will continue to do this.

Point 5 is valid and the only reason you need. By the sounds of things, I don't think He's going to be too heartbroken over getting the boot.

Any good frontman is going to be a total asshole and hard to deal with. Get used to it.

You can't play a gig without a bass player anyway, so you better cancel that gig.