I got an Ibanez Shred Hed kit for xmas, My dad decided to just go out and buy me a guitar because I have wanted to play for a while... I'm taking lessons and such but I find that maybe the neck on the guitar is too small.. Are there guitars that have a generally wider neck ? I think it might be best for me to change guitars even though I like this guitar, or maybe i'm just go bad at playing that I think this is hindering me. Anyway, I'm new to this so any input is good. Thanks
what is the guitar exactly? Also, what do you play?
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I don't know what the guitar is exactly, the specs are Features:
GRG neck

Maple neck material

Basswood body

24/jumbo frets

Rosewood finger board

Standard bridge

STD C (H) neck PU

STD C (H) bridge PU

Pearl dot Inlay

Basswood Body
Basswood is a comparatively lightweight wood, which makes it very comfortable for extended playing. With a good balance of highs and lows, Basswood is right in between Alder and Mahogany in sound character.

24/Jumbo Frets
Jumbo frets offer easy playing for leads and chording.

Rosewood Finger Board
Rosewood offers a strong, bright sound and an attractive appearance with a long grain

I play (well trying) to play Incubus, but I would like to learn primarily soft rock.. Not really metal
if the neck fell unconfortable for you, you need a new guitar,

jackson guitars have awesome necks
This guitar is great for metal. I would love it lol.

Its not really suited to incubus, though theres no reason you couldnt play the song on this guitar. This guitar is too ballsy for incubus.
The pack came with an ibanez amp? Thats not the best for softer stuff either.

I would have thought a nice smooth thin neck would make it easier for you though.
Hey, if you ever want to play metal you've got a good guitar for it!.
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the thing is, I really don't want to have to fork out more money... Just trying to learn how to play well on this guitar, but I have large hands and I feel that the neck is small, can I just change the neck to a wider one ? I know i'm contradicting myself on this, but it just seems like it's quite small for my size.. Also, my dad purchased it for me on xmas eve day when I was with him... just went into a store, he asked if I wanted a guitar and he bought me this pack
oh yea, i think you could.

You would like a GRX neck, I've got one on my ibanez and its pretty fat and fairly wide.
Wanna swap? lol

You can get used to that neck though, its not a big problem though. As you get better you won't have to even think about having your hand a certain way.
Status: Taken.
i'm like absolutely horrible.. I'm trying to learn Incubus - Circles, i'm working on it in my lessons and holy crap am I bad, need to learn scales and chords too
Hey man don't make the mistake of buying a new guitar just when you are starting out to play. You are saying the guitar is too small for your size right? Well let's just put this into perspective. How big are you exactly? I mean unless you are bigger than 6'5" then maybe you need to get a bigger guitar. I mean look at the guitarists for Slipknot. Jim Root and Mick Thompson are above 6'5" I believe and Mick uses a standard size Ibanez. You just need to get use to it. All guitars are more or less the same size. If you are looking for something bigger....just pick a bass.
yea, I mentioned something similar to that in the first post.. Maybe I'm just looking for a way to complain about how bad I am, and how unnatural it feels to play. It's obviously going to take time, and this is my first guitar so I am learning. I don't intend on buying a new guitar just yet, maybe a little while down the road.
Here is my story:
About a year and a half ago my friends finally convinced me to pick up bass guitar because the wanted to make a band but didn't have a bass player. Although extremely stupid the thought of them actually waiting around for me to get decent, I decided to pick it up.

At first it was EXTREMELY AWKWARD to even play a note. I'd say for the first two weeks I didn't even play a note I just held my fingers in the standard position on the neck (1-2-3-4) using all four of my fingers. I built up callouses and stretched my fingers out and was getting a little more confortable and I didn't feel as awkward.

Fast forward six months and my friends' band doesn't follow through because they just all pretty much quit. So I pick up guitar. Going from bass to guitar was an extreme difference for me because I was just getting confident on the bass. The guitar felt dinky in my hands. WAY TOO SMALL, and I just felt crowded when trying to play it. But I kept with it on that crappy little Squier that cost me $30 bucks and ONLY after I had learned a few songs all the way through and did not mess up and played cleanly did I buy my baby, my Ibanez RG 3 EX1. Which I still have today and play 4 hours a day on.

Basically, it's only natural that you think the guitar isn't right for you. The fact is NO guitar is right for you until you can play the one you have. Just stick with it man. And make sure to keep posting on here with any questions that you may have. The is the best forum for guitar players that I have ever seen and everyone helps out a lot so don't be afraid to ask. Keep posting your progress too man. I'll follow you and see how long it takes for you to get Circles down.
thanks man, I really appreciate that. Most forums when someone is new they just say "noob' or whatever, but I am quite impressed with the help and support I have gotten. I play about an hour each day and have a 30 min lesson each saturday, I'm working on it ... Also you have a SEXY guitar , I love the RG series
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Hell yeah man. I love Ibanez. I've played guitars that are way more expensive then mine but they feel like garbage in my hands I just want my Ibanez!

The only other guitars I would consider buying are ESP. They take models from other companies and bascially just deck the guitars out with the best stuff.

http://www.espguitars.com/guitars_mhnt.html <--Take a look at the baritone. MY FUTURE GUITAR....hopefully.
Yea, that's one sexy guitar man.... I want one like that, I don't like flashy colors, I prefer black over all the 2 tone. Mine is black now. This is what I meant to ask you, the guy at the guitar place said there are differences in guitars in higher price ranges, but he said I wouldn't have a clue nor would it really matter at this starting point. What are the actual differences that I "wouldn't" notice ?
guitars like les pauls have fat necks. If you really want a hunk of wood to wrap your fingers around, I suggest you check out epiphone les pauls. However, since you're just starting out, you might as well stick with the guitar you have right now, and consider changing to a wider neck with your next guitar upgrade.
I just checked out epiphones website, I am going to save up for the Les Paul Custom... I am truly in love.
If you are going to save up for a Custom Les Paul you better say good bye to your money right now. It doesn't even exist.

Also you better not jump to conclusions either. I don't believe in buying a new guitar that you have never played before or even saving up for one you have never played before. That's why I am kind of against buying guitars over the internet. I once saved up $1200 to get that Schecter Hellraiser FR and was THIS CLOSE to buying it over the internet when I met a guy who had one and I played it.....AND I HATED IT! I was soooo unconfortable with it and because of the placement of the strings is was awkward for me to palm-mute and things like that. I am so glad I didn't buy it.
I would never purchase a guitar online.. I would rather get it from a local shop, that way I can check it out prior to purchasing. There is a local place that I go to "Performance Music Center" in my local town. They give you free tune ups, and fix your guitar if needed for FREE only if you purchase it from them, I think this is great and this is why I got my Ibanez from them. But thanks for the advice
Also, that Baritone is amazing, the color is perfect, nothing to flashy
Yeah, you're really just starting out. It's all relative. Maybe that Ibanez does have
a BIT wider neck (my Ibanez Prestige neck DOES have a wider feel than most), but
you'll most likely find it just as easy or hard as any other neck. You'll do just fine
with that neck for quite a while and it's not going to hold you back. Just learn
on that for a while and you'll be in a better position later to judge what's more
comfortable for you, if anything.
yea, i'm not jumping to conclusions.. Just wondering if it had a thinner neck is all. After playing for the past couple of hours, I can finally hear music that isn't crap coming from my fingers... Practice, practice, practice
yea, I mentioned something similar to that in the first post.. Maybe I'm just looking for a way to complain about how bad I am, and how unnatural it feels to play. It's obviously going to take time, and this is my first guitar so I am learning. I don't intend on buying a new guitar just yet, maybe a little while down the road.

Don't worry about it, you'll be incredibly clumsy and awkward at first, and the neck will feel really odd. Once you get used to the feel of the guitar your fingers will settle down and become more accurate...just sit tight and keep at it.
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