im trying to view a tab (lazy eye by silversun pickups) and it won't open, it has "info" written next to it. what is this and what should i do to view the tab?
you dont need to click it. hover the mouse over it and it should appear. If it doesnt your pop up blocker might be blocking it.

Its just the difficulty rating of the tabs (beginner, intermediate, expert etc)

in this specific case it's intermediate
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Yeah the "info" beside it you just hover your mouse over to view whether it's intermediate or whatever, here's the bit about that from UG's help page:

"This is a small guide for our fellow guitarists when they choose tabs based on their playing skills. By selecting this option you can help them a lot! For example, if a beginner guitarist is searching for "Stairway to Heaven" tab and find several tabs, most likely he will choose the one which indicates "novice". On the other hand, experienced player will open "advanced" level tab which he expects will be more detailed and hard to play.

When submitting a tab, you can choose between 3 options. Please note that it's not song difficulty, but it's your tab difficulty! Please be objective on your guitar skills -- if you play 3 months, most likely all your tabs should be marked as "novice".

1. Novice - this difficulty level applies for all tabs that was made by beginner guitarists. Also applies to all generic tabs with just basic info (like main riff, simple solo, etc). Please note: if song is easy by itself, the tab's difficulty level should be set to "novice" as well! All songs by Blink 182 must be put into this category.

2. Intermediate - this level applies for majority of good tabs. The tab should be detailed and include all parts (intro, main riff, chorus, verse, solo, outro, etc). Guitar player should know all basic techniques such as hammer ons, pull offs, arpeggio, palm muting, pinch harmonics, etc to be able to play this tab. Led Zeppelin's "Starway to Heaven" is a good example.

3. Advanced - this level applies to extremely difficult tabs. The tab should be very detailed and include the whole song note-by-note. The size of such tabs is usually not less than 50Kb. Involves such guitar techniques as tapping, two-hands tapping, slapping, very fast solo licks, etc. Metallica's "One" is a good example."

I just looked up the tab you're talking about here and I couldn't view it either so maybe there's a problem with it. I'd PM Dyuha with a link to the tab and explain the problem, or post it in the Bugs, Errors, Defects sticky in the Site Feedback forum.

I did manage to get to it through 911tabs.com though, so here's a link that should hopefully work for you: http://911tabs.com/link/?3385636

Edit: I've just tried going through UG's link again and it worked this time... odd. Don't PM Dyuha or anything then as it seems to be working now.
yes..i am the tabber for this song..it wasn't working for the longest while...but now its up and running..go check it out
kewl. now the other 2 that came up arent working either. i guess this song is cursed. im using safari to answer the browser question. now it goes to a white page w/ a bunch of code in it ):