Sorry for making so many threads today but I need to have four topics for an essay in English and I thought UG could help. I really don't care if you say buttsecks or w/e the hell you wanna say. Just post something that I could persuade someone about. ex. Pepsi vs. Lemonade or something.Just post some crap. Thanks.
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^ those are actually pretty good. I might do death penalty or imprisonment but I don't like how on persuasive essays how you have to pick a side and back it up to completely.I find this extremely gay as I don't back anything up 100% because things always have flaws in the way they work. There's always an exception to concepts. Basically this assignment turns you into an opinionated dickhead.

but yeah...I liked the topics thank you.
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pro life vs. pro choice?
bagels vs. donuts
romanticism vs. neoclassism
hot weather vs. cold weather
listening to music vs. creating music
religion vs. atheism
censorship in the media
the p2p filesharing debacle
copyright law
within you lay everything
every key
every secret

untouched and in plain sight
Quote by captainjackass
Rap vs. Metal as long as you agree with metal
Buttsecks vs. Regular sex
Enviromental vs Industrial growth
Death Penalty vs life imprisonment

i really dont care about the last 3.

You beat me to it. *fap fap*
well make your own hybrid if you dont agree with something completely, like maybe you dont think people should be killed, but you dont thing they should be held for life, just a long time. or maybe you think shoplifters should be shot. make it a hybrid.