E-mail me at bserwatka06@yahoo.com if you are interested. All prices include shipping and my amazing packing skills. I'll take pics soon. The only thing I'm really looking to acquire in the future are Epi Sheratons, Fender Toronados, or possibly one day a Jaguar or Jazzmaster (drooling).

Pics: http://s17.photobucket.com/albums/b53/barney18/For%20Sale/

1 - Epiphone Firebird VII '63 RI (Vintage Sunburst)- The body is in 9/10 condition and the hardware, since its older and gold, is in 8/10 because of a little tarnish. Everything works and sounds perfect on this guitar. The action is set really low on it and it plays like a dream. It comes with a HARDSHELL CASE, which costs $80 new. I'm asking $525 shipped to the US.

2 - Fender Buddy Guy Strat (Black with White Polka Dots)- MIM - The body is in 9/10 condition and the hardware is in 9.5/10. Its stock, but the pickguard has been replaced with a vintage-style single-ply white pickguard. This one comes with a gigbag and I'm asking $425 shipped.

3 - Fender Deluxe Tweed Case - Its in 9/10 condition with only a couple of nicks on it. Everything else is mint. Its the classic tweed with the red poodle plush interior. These things cost $150 new. I'm asking $90 shipped.

I will sell the Strat and case together for $475 shipped.
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Gah, Id love to have that epi but im short on cash...anything you are interested in for trade?
Just what I have listed. I'm really trying to unload the guitars so I can buy the Sheraton and do the mods I have planned on it.