hey guys, i'm in the market for my 3rd amp, after a roland cube60 and the ol starter pack fender frontman. I will shortly own a gibson sg standard which is on its way and also have an ibanez sz320 as well as once again the good ol starter pack squier. i also have a boss me-50 multi fx.

my influences range from tool, opeth, mars volta, pink floyd, radiohead, black sabbath, coheed and cambria, explosions in the sky etc.

what could be a suitable amp...tube or solid state..that will last me for the next few years..keeping in mine im beginning to jam alot and hopefully find gigs soon enough.
marshal? sorry, can't help u much.
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yea, ive got a gibson lp special, and it sounds amazing with a marshall half stack, i dont have one yet, but thats what i would get if i were you or if i had a lot of money...ive got a marshall 30 watt, and the distortion sounds awesome
What's your price range?

THAT makes a world of difference.

If it were, say, unlimited...you can't beat a Dr. Z for alternative.

I wouldn't go for a marshall. A marshall will always sound like a marshall so you don't get the tonal variety you need for all the bands you've listed.
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^ I agree that a Marshall will always be a Marshall..but a Marshall DSL (combo) would suit the majority of those bands pretty well. If you need heavier stuff, nothing a good EQ pedal couldnt help...
I've yet to play a DSL. I'm not a big fan of Marshall though (which is really an unfair bias).
American Ash Deluxe Tele
Squire Standard Strat w/ Texas Specials
'65 Fender Deluxe Reverb RI
'53 Fender Deluxe 5C3
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i don't really have a price range as yet... im sort of just getting some ideas so i can get a goal to save up for. australian bucks i guess 1-2 k?

I was gonna say Vox, but you listed some 'heavier' bands, and I'm not sure how a Vox can do that.

But seriously check out Orange Amps, they have great cleans and nice crunch.
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^ 1-2k Aussie dollars.

An AD15 goes for $1500 here. And they aren't even in production.

In that pricerange you can get:

Marshall DSL401 (I don't think it's too great)
Fender Hotrods (great cleans, you will need pedals for your distortion tone)
Peavey Classics (great rocks amps, don't get heavy)
Vox AC30's (Awsome cleans, great overdrive. Don't get heavy.)
ENGL Screamer (good cleans, good OD, I forget how heavy they get)
Laney tube combos (haven't played em, probably similar to AC30's)
Peavey Valveking (crap amp, don't get it)

there may be a few more but that's what's readily available here, if you look new. Looking used opens up a whole lot of options, and I suggest you do.
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Orange or Vox

EDIT: Correct me if I'm wrong but do the Valvetronix series not have a nice combo out now? Those amps are hella versatile.
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go for a nice VOC ac30, its perfect for what you need it for...cept maybe coheed, they have a more metal tone,

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hmmm i tend to play alt metal/modern rock and i play songs from some of those bands, a DSL is a cool amp i just cant get enough gain out of them for heavier things, i went with a TSL, pretty solid amp, 1 more channel and more gain, fender hotrod amps are also a very solid choice again not as much gain as id like so you may need an OD pedal, now if you dont mind SS amps, which theyre nice since you can get a good setup cheap, id look at the line 6 Flextone II heads, if you get that with the floorboard you have an unlimited amount of tones you can get, i prefer tubes but i acctually liked that amp
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thanks very much for that guys, i definitely had orange in my mind so i'll have a look at them, and try and find an ac30...any sydneysiders know retailers of either of these. i dont think ive seen them in allans in the city.
If you have the money...

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I woudln't recommend vox esp for thsoe heavier bands oy uplay. Or a fender, those amps just dont' have the right internal eq for a decent sounding heavy distortion. But odnt' get me wrong they are amazing amps, but when it comes to gain, they are nothing.
if i have the boss me 50..with its range of distortions...will either of them handle it well? thats what im looking for...great cleans..and then handling the OD's when i put them on the clean channels..if that makes sense?