Is it just me or if you go a week or two without playing can it make you a lot worse? I've lost a lot of speed from taking a little break and I'm just wondering if this happens/has happened to anyone else.
when i go on vacation and i don't play guitar for a week or two, it feels ankward when i play again, but it feels normal after a few hours of playing
hell yes... sometime it happens after a few days... I havent played acoustic guitar in a week, and i was tripping all over the fret board from the extra tension. (I play electric 80% of the time)
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I used to not be able to play as well if I went on holiday when I first started but now I can go weeks without playing and still pick my guitar straight back up and play what I was playing before with ease.


I sometimes find it easier to not play for about a week if I start getting really ****ed off while learning a specific part of a song.

Once I've left it for a while, I can come back, and normally I can play that lick I was having trouble with.
Yea, that happens to me too. I went on vacation last March break, for two weeks, came back, and was extremely rusty. I couldn't go as fast as usual, and my arms and fingers got sore and tired alot quicker. You just need to play to get it back. It's not like it's gone forever.
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Yes you do. That's why it's called progress. I used to be wicked at guitar but then my life got in the way. I can hardly keep a steady picking pattern at 100 bpm now. Let that be a lesson to you!! People like Petrucci practice for hours every day so they don't lose it. Not just for fun.
never happened to me... to get rid of those problems, practice is just the key... or if u are losing it, take it slow first, so that u can get an aount of momentum and then slowly getting to the real thing,..
hmm that happens to me sometimes but after an hour or so its cool again.
but leaving a certain song/lick for a while helps quite a bit for me just today i started play warheart by children of bodom and i realised i could nearly play the sweep clean full speed.
i hadnt even been practicing sweeping much.
crazy how stuff like that works.
Just like working out, if you quit for a while and come back again muscle memory kicks in. You'll regain your lost strength/muscle coordination a lot faster. There are obviously muscles in the hands, so isn't it the same thing with the muscle memory thing ?
it is true like when little children cannot figure something out they sleep. then figure it out the next day. if you cant play a particualr part of a song, leave it then go back to it the next day, you will find it easier to play.