what do you think about this headstock.... it is a fender style bass headstock(copy) that im gonna (thinking about cutting to fit my taste because i cant stand the copies if it doesnt say fender on it

im gonna drill another hole.. the bottom one

and the black is what im gonna cut out....

what do you think



lol sorry for the shitty msp illustration, its midnight here and i didnt want to look for the camera.... i drew what im thinking about cutting on the headstock with pencil.
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Reminds me of a ibanez, but why dont u sand off the logo and leave the headstock as is, looks good that way
i just dont like it... and it never had a logo.... it just had a little aluminum thing that said "concquerer" on it and it was really shitty(the body) lol the serial number said 0014

i kinda got it from my school... 5 finger discount
lol yeah. I'm bored so i'll finddle around in paint and see what I can come up with.:p
Not very good I know but here's one. The black part would be beveled the red line the part reshaped. Just throwin' ideas out there.

i like that.... but i still wanna go with the hollow center though you know.... but ya, i like that one... but the bass from before i even started the mod, the g strings tuner hole is messed up so i kinda gotta put it on the botton.... i like the 3-1 look too.
thats turned it into a peavey headstock with a bevel, and the cutout middle might not be such a great idea, it could easily snap under string tension with all that material gone, especially on a bass. If you dont mind snapping it, try it, but if you actually want this thing at all, dont.

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Parkers aren't made of wood, they're made of graphite/composite which reacts different than wood. Floyd Rose guitars don't have tuners, therefore they don't even need a headstock.
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it could well do, i have seen a guitar with a headstock cutout, but it could have been reinforced, i have no idea how it would be done, but this guitar was a japanese custom, had standard locking tuners, and a graphtech nut. I've lso seen the headstock snap on a jackson, because a guy used stupid thick strings at standard tuning. That headstock had plenty of wood, but still snapped, the reduction in support could well allow the headstock to snap without the fat strings....

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