So, both in looks and specs, this guitar looks killer. I mean, it's solved most of my major beefs with Ibanez guitars... dot markers instead of the ugly shark tooth fret markers, nice pickguard, 24 frets, relatively cheap...

My biggest question is... does it come in a color other than black?

In all seriousness, does anybody have one? I'm guessing the for about $130 I can change the pickups to some better ones.

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i dont think they come in other colors, at least not for the past year. you can check the ibanez website. it should show you all the options there.
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Thats the worst thing about ibanez... their color choices.
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nope, they dont, but i dont mind, its a cool finish, and it looks freakin sweet, i've had mine for 2 years now and i love everyday i've owned it

I would probably replace the pickups though, but theyre alright.
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You could get the older RG550 or RG750 models for less with different colors to offer for less than the RG2550.

Replacing the pickups will be the same.
Only the 2004 2550 has Vibrant Blue instead of black.
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