Hey all, i've been playing guitar now for about a year i would still consider myself novice and i havn't yet been able to play an entire song which is a bit of a goal of mine so suggestions of some fairly simple songs that sound good on acoustic would be great, thanks
Also i have been looking for the chords to the song 'you and me my friend' -donald reid, but i havn't found anything so help with this would be awesome too--he is a new zealander so most of you problay got no idea who he is but anyway.
yeah wonderwall by oasis, good riddance by greenday, dashboard stuff isn't too hard, nor too good though
thanks for the help ill try wonderwall and good riddance as they are two of the best songs aroun. Might take me a while but ill get there
Good Riddance - Green Day
Wonderwall - Oasis
Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
Santa Monica - Theory of a Deadman
There Is - boxcar Racer
Better Than me - Hinder
It's Been A While - Staind
Emily - From First To Last

That's to name a few.
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haha Try The Star Spangled Banner ( Hendrix Edition ) I always thought it was a prity kewl song and it was one of the first songs I learned how to play or you could learn Canon Rock re-done by jerryc! Here are the links to the both.

Jimi Hendrix/The Star Spangled Banner

JerryC/Canon Rock
I've been playing a year too (started beginning of January on acoustic and got my electric after Chines New Year)! Right now I'm failing miserably at Fermented Offal Discharge. Getting there though. I know Canon Rock too. So...yeah. I'd reccomend those two.
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