Okay, so here's the deal... A couple years ago, before I even started playing guitar, I snagged a frigging ace deal on a quite heavily used Mann strat copy at a garage sale, for three bucks. All it needed was some new strings. The thing was covered in stickers, a little scratched up, etc. I just recently got a Fender Strat, and realized that side by side that the other one was as dirty as hell, despite how fun it is to play. Doesn't sound too bad either. So I took a few of the stickers off, but they left a nasty residue. I took an eraser to it (takes sticker residue off REALLY well) but I only did this on the pick guard, as I didn't want to do anything to the finish of the body. There's still slight pink smudge marks on the pick guard though. What I need to know, is how can I go about cleaning the smudges / dirt / sticker residue off without damaging the finish?
i like furniture polish, but rubbing alcohol as never hurt mine....even if it does damage the finish, it was three bucks!

and then you could paint it really sweetlike
you can prob find some sort of gentle cleaner and use that. trader joe's sells this one with green tea in it. i found it in my house and needed it to clean some crap and it worked great plus it smells pretty good haha.
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Lighter fluid

And it'll teach you an important lesson...don't smoke.
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