what are some good acoustic strings that wont get all cruddy after 2 weeks? I've got a beautiful Breedlove AC-25SM and it desperately needs new strings. I have martin MSP4050 S on there now and they sounded good for a little while but quickly crudded up. Before that I had d'addario lights, they were okay. I dont play my acoustic all that much these days, just occasionally and I want it to sound good when I pick it up. Its just sitting there that causes gunky film to build up. I know elixirs stay good for a long time, but those nanoweb strings sound kind of crappy really. I dont like them. Any suggestions?
Elixirs are good for me. I use the nanoweb but the polywebs are good too. I have also heard theD'Addario EXP's are good too.
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Martin SPs are hands down the best acoustic strings ever made.

The only thing close when it comes to sound are SIT's (stay in tune...I forget who they're made by), but the high e and b string don't quite get to the tonal orgasm that are SP's.

The coated strings typically suck. If you've tried SP's and still get this problem, try using string cleaner after you're finished playing.
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