What are the best rock n roll riffs that everyone should know?

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Smoke on the Water
Crazy Train
Iron Man
Highway to Hell
Back in Black
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Smoke on the Water
Crazy Train
Iron Man
Back in Black
Sweet Child O' mine
Communication Breakdown
Breaking the law
Enter Sandman
Black Sabbath (the song)
Whole lotta love

Dunno what else at the time

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pretty much everyone i know knows, back in black, sunshine of your love, crazy train, iron man, stairway to heaven and quite a few know Blackbird by the beatles
Master of puppets anyone?

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Iron Man
Revolution (by the Beatles)
Stairway to Heaven
Back in Black
Hell's Bells
Sunshine of Your Love
Crazy Train
Purple Haze and perhaps
Dazed and Confused as well as
Rock and Roll
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A few that haven't already been mentioned...

Thin Lizzy - The Boys Are Back In Town
Black Sabbath - Paranoid
Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Chile
Dave Mustain has wrote some of the most amazing solos...
That he can't actually play!
Unholy Confessions
Bat Country
Master of Puppets
Enter Sandman
Nothing Else Matters
Welcome to the Jungle
Crazy Train
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I only know a few of those but... I was only a guitarist for like 2 months before I went back to bass.

I did learn Master of Puppets, Smoke on the Water, TNT, and some Black Sabbath songs so I guess I'm not in too bad of shape
None. You shouldn't have to know anything. You should play what you like, not what others impose.
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intro to Johnny B Goode - Chuck Berry
Raining Blood - Slayer
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these are the easiest songs to play therefore evryone should know how to play them

Sunshine Of Your Love
Smoke On The Water
Wild Thing
they were the three first songs i ever played!

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free bird
arpeggios from hell

^^ good luck
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None. You shouldn't have to know anything. You should play what you like, not what others impose.

Noble though that is its nice to know a few songs that 'everyone' knows so that when you go and form a band, or just have a jam, everyone can play at least one thing together. Jams or practices for the first time with other people are far better if everyone knows at least one song between them, rather than having to teach people something, or having to write something which appeals to everyone straight away.
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