Finally have my new pedals, and a just bought a cool looking Briefcase from Dick Smith (case similar to this)

Now, I'm just torn between the idea of;

1. Taking off the hinges from the case, replacing them with the locks, and putting the pedals straight into the case (this would also require raising the pedals with some wood, which won't hit the roof of the case

2. Just using the case as storage for a simple pedalboard made out of wood, that I can just pull out of the case when I need to use it.

I was going to do the 1st idea, its just, the hinges arent screwed in, they're put on with poprivots, and the other side of the rivots is covered by carpet stuff, which is glued on, and could potentially be very messy if I were to try and take it off.

Just, is it worth the time and effort to do the first idea, or should I just cheat and do the second idea?
thats a pretty nice looking briefcase. does yours come with the dividers. if it does can you remove them? i'd just make a pedalboard that fits inside the case. its a nice lookin case, no real reason to risk messing it up hehe.
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Yeh, you can take the compartments out.

I was thinking that it'd be faster, easier and safer to just make the wood board.
Thanks for your input
How much did you pick it up for?
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I got it for about $32Aus, but it was the last one there, and it was discounted cos it had a little scratch on it.
I did the same thing almost a year ago. It ends up looking amazing.

I left the hindges on and use the stock locks on the front. Yes, you have to take out all the compartments for room. And Yes you need to raise up the pedals, I just used some fiberboard with risers under. It ended up looking and working amazing. Any questions just let me know.
oh that looks good as, just, I wanted the lid to come off, like the $100 pedalboard cases.
But thats still a good idea, hiding all of the leads and stuff under the awesome red carpet.
I'll consider that.