Simple idea, get out, in as much detail as you can, the dream you most remember having.

Mine occured when I was about 5.

The dream started with me waking up and exiting my room. It was very dark, and I was sharing a double bed with my brother at that point. My door was open (as it usually was then), so I walked out into the hall.

When in the hall, which was pretty narrow, I started approaching my parents room, calling for my mother. After she appeared out of the room, she stared at me for a while, then, suddenly turned into a possum. After waiting some more, I remember being scrunched up by the possum and turning into a piece of paper. Then, we were in a room that looked very much like those big studies that rich English people have. A green leather chair, a heavy looking desk with organized papers, and a lit fireplace.

Then, almost instantly after being in the room, i was tossed into a waste paper bin beside the fireplace. Then, it was like there was a camera zooming towards the bin, and that was where I woke up.

That was one of the few dreams I can remember
The most vivid from my childhood is I can remember thinking I had woke up, got out of bed, and then the view changed to an overhead view of my room in a fish eye screen (right word?). I got very confused, then woke up for real, since I was young I didn't know what the hell just happened.

More recently though, a dream I had a few months ago was pretty vivid. I was living in a council estate house which was small and dingu, and outside we had a large driveway and garden full of mud and dying plants, you know the type of houses that don't care about their ouside. Anyway, my parents were acting ery strange, panicky and refusing to talk to me and my brother, and my brother was pissed off with me for no particualr reason. I was walking round the house eating flowers (roses, I think) and went outside, and to the top of my driveway, where my two cats were. One was lying on the road, and when I went to check it wasn't dead it woke up, and they then started speaking (what I can't remember) and I went back down the driveway. As I was going down my vrother appeared from behind a dead tree, and told me I shouldn't be eating the flowers because my parents had got them for a reason, and I still couldn't figure out why. He got frustated with me, and I realised I was standing on a grave, but it was in the shape of a person, basic outline of head, arms etc. I got freaked out and my brother told me my parents had killed someone and buried them here, which was why they were acting strange. I put the flowers on the grave, and went back into the house, where I woke up.

It's one of the stranger ones I've had, but it's stuck out most clearly because it's the one that I first remembered in trying to improve my dream recall. Plus I was creeped out after.
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I was walking down an old neighborhood with all of my friends back east. I was going to the store and I was waiting for one of my friends to buy something. As I waited outside, a large tree tapped me on my shoulder and tried to sell me a scooter lol. Very real looking though.

While I was trying to make a purchase with the tree I looked to the right of me and saw an ambulance with big foot tires crash into a shit load of cars. The explosion was purpleish and it freaked me out. I told one of my friends that we should get out of here and head back home.

I would constantly look at the sky because it looked like you could see other galaxies with a grey mist of fog surrounding them. I don't know why, but on our way home I started skipping and with each skip I started jumping higher and higher.

I jumped to the point that I was hitting like 20 ft in the air. With each landing I would hop higher until I pushed all my strength and I flew into the sky. While I was in the sky I looked up and took a deep breathe. What I saw was amazing. The universe, galaxies, planets, stars, multiple suns. It was so beautiful.

I decided to look down and thats when my outer space trip was over. I started falling at incredible speeds. I over looked my whole neighborhood from the sky while I was falling.

About an inch from the ground. Everything went black and I woke up shocked at everything I witnessed. I still think about that dream till this day.
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uhh, couple weeks ago I had a dream where the girl I love got stabbed. We were in my kitchen, and some guy was there trying to stab us. I kept trying to stab him but I couldn't get close enough, and he stabbed her. After he stabbed her, I stabbed him. They both died.

And the other night, I had a dream about the same girl. I'll give you the short version, she did some things with my best friend that I was not at all happy about. But it was vivid, thats all that you need to know.
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i have a couple. in one i found out i could fly by using bits of wood as wings and running into the breeze. i was flying round the back yard having a fantastic time, then i thought "wait... is this just a dream?" then i woke up and was pissed off.

in the other one, i went into our spare room to plant a pine tree in the carpet to ward off bad spirits (for some reason) as a yearly tradition. but this time i was too late and an evil spirit woman lunged out from under the bed at me and grabbed me by the shoulder and dug her fingers in my armpit, trying to drag me under the bed. i woke up straight away and where she'd dug her fingers in was sore for about 15 mins.
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the most vivid dreams i've had are when i've had a really low blood sugar when asleep (and dreaming) and woken up into the dream. it's horrible, like tripping, only never enjoyable. the one i remember most clearly was when i was about 8, and i'd been dreaming about a clock. i woke up, and my mum was busy injecting me with glucogen and what have you, but i could see my clock, and i refused to drink any orange juice (sugary, raises blood sugar fast) until exactly one minute had passed. i thought i'd die, otherwise. it was scary.

when my blood sugar came up, though, i thought i'd been dreaming, but apparently i was awake the whole time.
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not a very vivid one but i remember it:

it was my birthday and i got a drumkit for my birthday (which probably is because i've been thinking about playing drums) and the next day my band and my had to play at the open mic day at school, but for some reason we played on floating things in a lake or a pool and it was surrounded by thingies (i don't know the word, but it are benches stapled like stairs and they're around football pitches). our drummer couldn't come so i had to do the drumming. also the keboarder wasn't there and rhythm guitarist did the vocals, which he in real life can't because we were playing sweet home alabama and the guitar parts are too difficult to sing with. then for some reason the pool changed in a open-air concert with lots and lots of people and then i woke up
My most vivid is pornographic

but here goes

It started off that I just met up with a good Friend of mine who I havent seen in a while outside by a big field in the middle of a council estate close to me. She is a very unconventionally pretty girl 17 about 5' 6+", wears glasses and is from the opposite side of my city.

well anyway we were just talking as normal friends after I had given her a hug then some guy turned up with a camera. it then flashed to 3 minutes later in the sameplace in the middle of a field outside a council estate and I was well... having sexual relations with one of my best friends.

we were having sex and the guy that turned up was filming us. At this point I realised I was dreaming so I started to Lucid Dream. We were doing the strangest positions imaginable all wierd.

This is a girl I love as a friend and like her aswell as in I am attracted to her and here I was riding her. Next second it was all senual inside and not on camera and I was just kissing her while she came.

At this point I just suddenly woke up and was sad cos I didnt get to spend any more time with my friend and happy cos I got laid by a girl I love.

That dream I will never forget and the next time I see this friend I am actually planning to ask her out. Of course I will not tell her about the Dream.
So, I was at work, walking around in my uniform and very very aware that I was, in fact, Satan and also invisible. For the first while I was just walking around, bumping into/through people and looking at them...imagine how you would feel knowing the Devil is looking into your eyes or touching you. Anyway, a good while later an Asian woman was standing at the counter and had a problem of some sort...possibly about opening hours. I go up to her and try to explain and help her out when she turns round, stares at me and screams "THE DEVIL!!" and runs out of the shop, exclaiming how she's going to destroy me. Only a few short moments passed until there was an absolutely huge crowd at the door, waving knives, guns, sticks and all that. Some barge in and I beat the first guy to death at the door of the back store (this is an off-licence I work in), there are other staff with me and they're doing their best to defend themselves as well. After a while I find myself in the attic of the store, after killing someone I head back down the stairs, but just as I get to the bottom and turn around I feel a broken glass bottle being stabbed into my gut...luckily some other member of staff came up behind this man and knocked him out. I take the glass out, head towards our other store (which has a small window which seems the only way out), killing whoever is in my way, I reach the window and climb out...running off into the distance..

If anyone can explain/analyse it...
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Last night I had a lucid dream, I woke up and left my room looked around and everything was so realistic I didn't realize it was a dream at first, it took me a couple minutes to finally realize it was a dream. In the dream when I had woken up I was wearing boxers, but when I looked down a couple minutes later an I was in blue jeans and it became very obvious it was a dream. After that I just did what I wanted to, I'm still amazed at how realistic it was.